Enhancing the Humidity for Your Indoor Plants

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How to Enhance the Humidity for Your Indoor Plants that are Happiest in a Humid Environment

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air and how wet the air feels. Humidity for indoor plants refers to the amount of moisture in the air around your plants. 

Most indoor plants and houseplants originate from (and grow naturally in) tropical and humid jungle environments. And as such, it is vital to increase the moisture in the air of the indoor environments in which we keep our houseplants.

With this being said, not all plants need moisture in the air around them to thrive, and normal room humidity can be sufficient to keep it happy - like the Rubber Plant, the Delicious Monster, and the Spider Plant. But those that do - like the Heart Leaf Fern, the Calathea Freddy, the Sword Fern, the Fishbone Prayer Plant and the Dwarf Elephant Ear, would appreciate your effort in enhancing this element.

How to Increase Humidity

There are many easy ways that you can increase the humidity for your indoor plants.

The best way is to put humidity loving indoor plants in a humid room like the bathroom or kitchen. A bathroom and kitchen has more natural humidity because of hot baths and showers, constant water activity and cooking. These rooms are ideal for indoor plants as they already have the type of environment that plants thrive in.

Mist the leaves of your indoor plants with water every few days (or according to the guidelines in our care card or shop product pages) using a spray bottle or mister. This helps to increase the moisture in the air around your indoor plants and contributes to a more humid environment. 

Group all your plants together in one space. By grouping your plants close to each other, you can also increase humidity as many plants themselves enhance humidity. Plus it looks awesome to have all your plants clustered together creating a real jungle vibe.

Give your plants a shower. Take your humidity loving plants into the shower with you and give them s short lukewarm wash. This will not only give them a humidity boost, but will also give the leaves a clean.

Invest in a humidifier. This is a simple and very effective way to increase humidity. Humidifiers are very beneficial for humans too, so placing a humidifier in a room that you share with your plants will help both you and your plant babies feel healthier.

Or, if you have a plant that really is happiest in a humid environment and/or the space you choose for your indoor plant has dry air or airconditioners/heaters running. You can create a pebble tray for your indoor plant by placing small pebbles on a saucer, filling the saucer with water and then placing you plant pot on top of the pebbles. Make sure the plant does not sit in the water, but rather on top of the pebbles with the water below the pot level.

Signs to Look Out For

Crispy leaf edges and brown tips are an indication that your plant needs more humidity. 

We have put together a comprehensive guide to identifying common indoor plant problems and how to solve themConsult this guide if you have any problems with your indoor plants that you need help rectifying.

Please note that misting or spraying the leaves of your indoor plants is not a replacement for watering. These are two separate care elements and you still need to water your plants even if you mist them.