Indoor Plant Subscriptions

Indoor Plant Subscriptions Designed To Suit You

Build your confidence to grow happy plants and expand your collection of indoor plants affordably with our indoor plant subscriptions.

STEP 1:Ā Choose between aĀ monthly or seasonalĀ subscription

STEP 2:Ā Choose between ourĀ newbie, pet friendly or trendyĀ plant options

STEP 3:Ā Choose aĀ payment planĀ that works for you

One surprise healthy happy indoor plantĀ will beĀ delivered straight to you with an easy to followĀ care guide, and additional plantie goodies and guides,Ā based on options designedĀ for plantĀ lovers of all kinds.

Choose the subscription that suits you best and become the confident plant parent you have always wanted to be with Happy Life Plants right by your side!

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