• Vote for Plants & Get 20% OFF

    Robyn Sher

    Vote for Plants & Get 20% OFF 🌿 Vote for plants this voting long weekend and get 20% off any plant care product or accessory.🌿 In store AND online.🌿 30th October to 1st November 2021.Basically, for every happy plant you buy, you get 20% off any one of our plant care products or plant accessor...
  • Tips for Keeping Your Plants Alive While You're on Holiday

    Happy Life Plants

    Holiday Tips for Keeping Your Plants Alive While You're Away! Relax on your holiday while your plants remain happy at home, with these simple tips to keep them watered while you are away.

    If you only have a few plants, you can use the glass and string watering method. Fill a glass (or any other open vessel that can hold water) with water and place it next to your plant. Cut a piece of string and place one end into the glass of water (long enough to reach the bottom of the glass) and the other end into the soil of your plant.

  • Pet and Child Friendly Plants

    Happy Life Plants

    Happiness is a home full of things we love. And sometimes this includes pets AND plants! We know that for many people a home full of pets and plants is the ultimate delight. But with this can come the worry of how well your beloved pets and adored plant babies can live in harmony together

    Discover which indoor plants are child and pet friendly and how you can fill your home with happiness. We hope that this information helps you to create the happiest space full of all the things that you love!