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  • Potting & Repotting Your Indoor Plants

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    Our Guide to Potting and Repotting Your Indoor Plants.

    Potting = potting a new plant into a nice pot with drainage holes at the bottom.

    Repotting = potting a plant that has out grown its current pot with drainage holes at the bottom onto a bigger pot with drainage holes at the bottom. 

    Sometimes when we buy a new plant, we don't want to keep it in the plastic nursery pot that it comes in. You can follow our basic steps to potting your new plant into a pot with drainage holes...

  • Watering Your Indoor Plants

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    Watering is the most important care element! And can you believe that one of the most common causes of plant issues is over watering? More newbie plant owners water their plants too much than too little.

    It is imperative as a plant parent to learn how to water your indoor plants and develop a watering routine that you can maintain. And to do this you need to understand and learn the water requirements of each specific plant that you own. 

  • Enhancing the Humidity for Your Indoor Plants

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    Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air and how wet the air feels. Humidity for indoor plants refers to the amount of moisture in the air around your plants. 

    Most indoor plants and houseplants originate from (and grow naturally in) tropical and humid jungle environments. And as such, it is vital to increase the moisture in the air of the indoor environments that we keep our indoor plants. Luckily there are many easy ways to increase the humidity for your humidity loving indoor plants.