Feeding Your Indoor Plants

Robyn Sher

How to Feed / Fertilise Your Indoor Plants

Feeding is an indoor plant care element that is often overlooked.

Just like humans, plants need to eat in order to get the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive. Just watering isn't enough to keep your indoor plant healthy. You need to provide them with the added nutrients that they need to remain healthy and to keep on growing.

How to Feed Your Indoor Plants

Use a liquid plant food to feed your indoor plants according to their needs - given to you in our care card, or according to the info on our shop product pages. Most often this is every 2 weeks or once a month depending on the plant.

You will feed based on the dilution instructions on the bottle of the plant food.

Water your plant first with plain water (this makes sure that the food does not simply run out the pot, but rather gets absorbed into the soil for the roots to take up) and then dilute the plant food in water in a watering can and water in the food over the wet soil, just as you would water your plant.

How to specifically use our Universal Liquid Plant Food:

  • Water your plant normally before feeding - watering beforehand ensures that the food is retained in the soil and will not be flushed right out of the pot through the drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Mix 10ml of liquid food into one litre of water.
  • Water the food and water mixture directly into the already wet soil of your plant.
  • Feed again as per your specific plants needs. Most often this is every 2 weeks.

Why is Plant Food Important?

  • Simply watering your plants, doesn't give them the nutrients that they need to thrive. Just like humans, plants need to be fed as well as watered on a regular basis. 
  • Plant food/fertiliser feeds your plants the nutrients that it needs to grow and flourish.
  • When we water our plants well, the nutrients can be flushed out of the soil, and so we need to replace these nutrients by feeding with a plant food/fertiliser full of the correct elements on a regular basis, in order to keep our plants healthy.