ZZ Raven

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The ZZ Raven

Zamioculcus zamiifolia 'Raven'

The ultimate newbie plant parent indoor plant (like the¬†Snake Plant and Cast Iron Plant), and one of the most¬†hardy and easy to care for plants,¬†Zamioculcus zamiifolia ‚Äď the¬†ZZ¬†Plant¬†- is a must have for any indoor space! This new Raven variety boasts the most magnificent black and green leaves and¬†comes to you in a 15cm or 20cm plastic nursery pot¬†(terracotta pot not included).

Perfect for low light rooms, and tolerant of most types of indoor environments, these indoor plants are especially excellent in offices/work spaces and dark bathrooms. With cute waxy bright green and black leaves, the ZZ Raven is a favourite for beginners, due to their super easy care needs, but also loved by plant collectors, because of the unique black leaves, this plant is for any space and every type of plant parent...

How The ZZ Raven Makes You Happy:

  • This is the ultimate beginner indoor plant!
  • One of the¬†most¬†hardy and easy to care for indoor plants, the ZZ Raven will bring greenery and happiness into your space with ease.
  • They are¬†tolerant of most environments¬†and as such an easy plant that can enjoy any space you choose.
  • This indoor plant cleans and purifies the air around it,¬†creating a healthier and much happier environment for you.
  • The black edges and completely black leaves are so striking and this will add a statement piece to your space!

Where The ZZ Raven is Happiest:

  • These¬†hardy indoor plants¬†are happiest in¬†any light.¬†And¬†can survive in¬†low light spaces, just avoid direct sunlight. So any indoor space really (just not no light at all).
  • Normal room¬†humidity¬†is perfectly sufficient.¬†

Watering The ZZ Raven:

  • Water well¬†about once¬†a¬†week, pouring until the water drains right down into the pot and out of the drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Allow the plant's soil to¬†dry out¬†completely¬†between watering‚Äôs.¬†
  • Do not over water, the ZZ¬†Raven thrives best when¬†watered less often. It tolerates drought in its natural environment, which contributes to it being such an easy indoor plant to keep happy.¬†

Feeding The ZZ Raven:

  • You can fertilise your ZZ¬†Raven¬†once a month¬†during Spring, Summer with a¬†liquid plant food.¬†

Care Tip:

  • Clean the leaves¬†occasionally to avoid dust building up on the surface and inhibiting the natural processes of the small striking green leaves.

Dress Up Your ZZ Plants:

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