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The Triostar

Stromanthe sanguinea triostar / Calathea triostar

Every leaf unique and each a work of art with pink, cream and shades of green elegantly splashed along spear like leaves, the Triostar is a vibrant, tropical indoor plant. The pink underside reveals itself when these gorgeous leaves stand up tall and subtly dance around during the day. Striking in colour and bold in shape, Stromanthe sanguinea - the Triostar - comes to you in either a 15cm or 25cm plastic nursery pot (terracotta pot not included). 

The Triostar subtly dances to the light during the day and its striking appearance makes this tropical houseplant a stand out feature in any space...

Where The Triostar is Happiest:

  • This distinctive houseplant enjoys¬†bright light¬†- which enhances its variegation - and a¬†humid environment.¬†
  • Mist regularly¬†(with a spray bottle or mister) to enhance the humidity in the air around your Triostar.
  • If you¬†would like to¬†increase¬†the humidity around your Triostar, you can also place it on a¬†pebble filled tray of water¬†to ensure the humid environment that this indoor plant needs to thrive.
  • But typically a room that gets sunlight and an excellent watering routine will keep this plant very happy.

Watering The Triostar:

  • Keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy and don‚Äôt let your Triostar dry out completely between waterings.
  • We recommend watering¬†when the top 2cm of the soil has dried out. Water well, pouring over all the soil until the water drains right through the pot and out of the drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Test the soil by sticking your finger into the soil to feel the dryness, and then water accordingly.
  • The leaves will curl when your Triostar¬†is too dry and needs more water. Keep an eye out for these signs to develop a consistent watering routine.

Feeding The Triostar:

Fertilise your Triostar once every 2 weeks during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season).

Knowing Your Triostar:

  • The Triostar comes from the same family as Calatheas. This family of plants is often known as the¬†prayer plant family¬†due to the fact that many of the plants within this family have the unique characteristic of folding and unfolding their leaves based on the time of day.
  • The Triostar is safe for pets and kids, so this a hot favourite for full homes!¬†

Dress Up Your Triostar:

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