Blue Star Fern

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The Blue Star Fern

Phlebodium Aureum

The epiphytic fern, Phlebodium Aureum ‚Äď commonly known as the Blue Star Fern boasts green-blue elongated fronds that extend from thin stems. It comes to you in a 12cm or 20cm plastic nursery pot (terracotta pot not included).

Just imagine how the aesthetic of the curvy leaves curling and protruding at varying angles in a messier style will attract the eye of visitors and how much character it will give to your bathroom…

How The Blue Star Fern Keeps You Happy:

  • The Blue Star Fern is a fuss-free fern that will bring a funky and jungle aesthetic to your home or office with ease.
  • Considered one of the easiest ferns, this is a great¬†choice for fern lovers who prefer lower maintenance houseplants.
  • This fern purifies the air from toxins and creates a happier and healthier environment for you.
  • The unusual blue colour¬†of the leaves will add a unique plant to your collection.

Where The Blue Star Fern is Happiest:

  • Due to its natural tropical occurrence, the Blue Star Fern is happiest in high humidity and moist well-draining soil.¬†
  • Mist regularly¬†(with a spray bottle or mister) to enhance the moisture in the air around your Blue Star Fern. Or keep it in a relatively humid environment like the kitchen or a bathroom.
  • Bright indirect light is ideal, but the Blue Star Fern can tolerate most light conditions.

Watering The Blue Star Fern:

  • Keep moist at all times. Watering when the top 2cm of the soil has dried out.
  • Avoid watering directly onto the plant and the rhizomes roots and water from the sides ensuring the water seeps through the soil of the entire pot.

Feeding The Blue Star Fern:

  • Feed once a month during Spring and Summer with a liquid plant food.

Care Tip:

  • Because the Blue Star Fern is an epiphyte (these funky ferns take in nutrients and moisture from the air) and enjoys well-draining soil, its best to plant your Blue Star Fern in a planting medium like orchid mix.
  • Pure potting soil is not the best medium to plant the Blue Star Fern in, so try use something looser when repotting this striking houseplant.

Dress Up Your Blue Star Fern:

Giving this plant as a gift?

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    South Africa South Africa
    I love my Fern!

    My fern arrived in perfect condition and I love it! What a gorgeous plant to add to my family! Thank you Happy Life Plants for making it so easy to get Pet-Friendly plants in the home!

    Happy Life Plants

    It's an absolute pleasure Miri! Thank you for the great review and feedback :)

    Bradley W.
    South Africa South Africa
    Blue Star Fern

    Excellent and efficient service. Packaging and delivery was fantastic. The care card that comes with each plant is a really nice touch. Would highly recommend Happy Life Plants. The blue star fern is also a really nice and different indoor plant.

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you so much for this amazing feedback and great detail about your experience with us Bradley! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy what we have to offer and hope your new plants bring so much happiness into your space :)

    Talita V.
    South Africa South Africa
    Happy healthy plants

    The plant that was delivered was in great condition. Very happy with my purchase!

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review Talita! We are so happy to hear that you are happy :)

    Catharina J.
    South Africa South Africa

    Very friendly and helpful. I love my plants. Thank you.

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you for your review Catharina. We are so happy to hear that you love your plants :)

    Lizette G.
    South Africa South Africa
    Great experience

    This is my second order and received my plants quickly in perfect condition!

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you so much for the review and feedback Lizette!