White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant

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The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant

Syngonium Podophyllum ‚ÄėWhite Butterfly‚Äô

Chosen for its¬†distinctive arrow shaped leaf¬†that looks like butterfly wings,¬†the Syngonium Podophyllum White Butterfly ‚ÄstWhite Butterfly Arrowhead Plant¬†- comes to you in a 15cm plastic nursery pot¬†(terracotta pot not included).¬†

The subtle colouring of the creamy green white foliage with dark green accents, and the elegant trailing habit of this Arrowhead Plant make it an easy addition to any indoor décor style. The arrow shaped leaves become multi-lobed and even more beautiful with maturity, making this houseplant a unique and striking addition to your indoor plant collection and a joyous companion on your house plant journey…

How The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant Makes You Happy:

  • The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant¬†is a fast grower¬†in ideal conditions, delighting you with a bushier appearance continuously and larger leaves as it matures.
  • It¬†increases humidity and moisture¬†in the air, purifying your room and providing a healthier and more enjoyable environment for you.
  • The White Butterfly Arrowhead plant cleans the air. And as proven in many studies worldwide, indoor plants help¬†increase your productivity, concentration and creativity.

Where The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant is Happiest:

  • The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant is happiest in¬†medium light.
  • Originating from a tropical environment, this plant is best grown indoors in a¬†warmer environment¬†with some humidity.
  • Normal room humidity (free from drying out aircons/heaters) with a misting on the leaves or in the air around it every few days can enhance the condition of your plant.

Watering The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant:

  • The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant enjoys¬†moist well-draining soil.
  • Water when the top 2cm of the soil in the pot has dried out¬†and allow water to run out the holes at the bottom of the pot when watering.
  • In Winter you can¬†reduce your watering. Water when all the soil in the pot has just dried out.

Feeding The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant:

  • Fertilise your White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant¬†once a month¬†with a liquid plant food.

Care Tip:

  • The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant has a¬†vining tendency¬†and the mature plants will need some support the bigger they grow. Otherwise you can enjoy a more ‚Äėwild‚Äô aesthetic allowing space for the leaves to trail down.
  • These indoor plants work exceptionally well in hanging baskets, or in macrames, on trellises or atop shelving units.

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