Mini Monstera

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The Mini Monstera

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

The highly sought after¬†Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (or Philodendron Minima) ‚Äď the¬†Mini¬†Monstera¬†‚Äď is a unique species of plant, native to Thailand and Malaysia, that is difficult to come by. It is part of the Araceae family and they belong to an independent genus known as Rhaphidophora. They are¬†closely related to the Monstera and Philodendron genus (they are part of the same family) but they are neither a Monstera Deliciosa nor a Philodendron. Even though it looks like, has similar care needs to and is called a Mini Monstera, it is not a smaller version of the ever popular Delicious Monster.

This prized indoor plant is an aroid and comes to you in a 15cm plastic nursery pot (terracotta pot not included) and you can choose to purchase it with or without a bamboo trellis or a 20cm plastic nursery pot with a bamboo trellis. 

The wonderful jungle vibe of the small split leaves and vining tendency of this tropical houseplant has made it amazingly popular for plant parents and plant collectors the world over! It is easy to care for and a fast grower in ideal conditions. And we are so excited to finally be able to share these beauties with you...

How The Mini Monstera Makes You Happy:

  • The Mini Monstera¬†grows new leaves rapidly¬†in ideal conditions, and will add an instant fun, jungle feel to your indoor space.
  • The Mini Monstera is a gorgeous climbing plant, and will add a lush and wild¬†climbing style to your space when trained up a wall, around a bookshelf or down a hanging basket or macrame.
  • It¬†purifies the air and contributes¬†happiness to your space, creating a healthier environment for you.
  • So popular and highly prized in the plant community, owning¬†a Mini Monstera instantly gives you plantie bragging rights!

Where The Mini Monstera is Happiest:

  • The Mini Monstera can be grown in¬†moderate to bright light,¬†avoiding direct sunlight. Indirect bright light is ideal and will yield the best growth.
  • In ideal conditions, the¬†Mini Monstera grows new leaves rapidly and¬†needs space to grow wild¬†and trail due to its¬†climbing tendency. And it will grow best with some sort of support for the aerial roots to lean on, like a trellis or stake.
  • Normal room humidity should be sufficient. But a misting of the leaves with water regularly will help this unique indoor plant thrive.

Watering The Mini Monstera:

  • Water well¬†about once a week, pouring until the water drains right down into the pot and out of the drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Allow the soil to remain fairly¬†consistently moist. Do not let it sit in water or have soggy soil.
  • You can water just as all the soil dries out, as over watering will be very detrimental to this indoor plant.

Feeding The Mini Monstera:

  • Fertilise your Mini Monstera¬†once a month¬†during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season) with a liquid plant food.¬†

Care Tips:

  • The Mini Monstera has a¬†natural¬†climbing tendency,¬†and will need support (in the form of a trellis or stake) as it grows. We do offer to purchase your Mini Monstera with a bamboo trellis.

For a very detailed breakdown of the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma read this blog.

Dress Up Your Mini Monstera:

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    Monique L.
    South Africa South Africa

    I'm in love!

    My new mini monstera is stunning and I can't wait to see it thrive! Thank you Happy Life Team! �

    Lee N.
    South Africa South Africa

    Mini Monstera ( with Wooden Trellis )

    This was a local pick- up, and I was kept informed timeously every step of the way. The plants were packaged beautifully and handed over to me with all appropriate covid considerations, as well extremely thoughtful care instructions. Such a beautiful plant, can’t wait to shop again!


    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you for the review and great feedback Lee! We are so happy to hear that the experience was what you expected. And we hope that your new plants bring you loads of happiness :)

    South Africa South Africa

    Best Service

    I have bought multiple plant babies from Happy Life Plants and have only received good quality plant that have been packaged with great care! Looking forward to supporting this small business in the future


    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you so much for your review and lovely feedback! We are so happy to hear about your experiences and hope all your happy plants are bringing you loads of happiness :)

    South Africa South Africa

    Excellent service and awesome plants!

    Unfortunately the plant got a bit damaged whilst being shipped - I feel that the seller / courier company could have done more to ensure safer shipping. HOWEVER, I would still recommend Happy Life Plants to anyone!


    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you for the review and useful feedback! We are sorry that your plant got a bit damaged and have been working on our packaging and box sizes to ensure that the plants are as stable as possible when couriered - so we really do appreciate this feedback. We do hope that your new Mini Monstera is bringing you loads of happiness :)

    John M.
    South Africa South Africa

    Slightly underwhelmed.

    My experience as a customer of Happy Life Plants, has by and large been excellent. Service from the supplier was top notch. Very fast responses and updates frequently supplied. Problems however seem to have occurred with delivery. This plant was bought as a gift for my daughter and whilst she is happy with the plants overall condition. It was delivered with the top growth point broken and the packaging in pretty poor condition. Who is at fault here is impossible to determine. Seller or courier? Needless to say items need to be received in perfect condition notwithstanding anything to the contrary. It is what we pay for and what will make or break an online retailer. Jury out on that decision at the moment.


    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you very much for this feedback John! And thank you for engaging with us on your experience. We have since used your suggestions in adjusting our packaging and especially working ideas for shipping plants nationwide. We are nonetheless very pleased that your experience with us, other than the delivery, was top notch and we hope that the Mini Monstera is bringing loads of happiness to your daughter :)