Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Heart Leaf Philodendron

Philodendron hederaceum/scandens

Another excellent indoor plant for beginners to plant parenting (newbies), that is very easy to care for and fast growing, our Philodendron scandens – the Heart Leaf Philodendron – comes to you in a 12cm or 15cm nursery pot (terracotta pot not included) or a 20cm plastic hanging basket. We also offer the choice of the green variety (Philodendron scandens Oxycardi) as well as the variegated variety (Philodendron scandens Brasil) that boasts wonderfully bright yellow and green colouring.

Another houseplant that is admired for it’s vining heart shaped leaves, the Heart Leaf Philodendron trails naturally, is a vigorous grower and can grow extremely long with excellent care indoors. It is a wonderful plant to put your propagation skills to the test with and can thrive in any type of indoor light, as long as it is exposed to some natural indirect light or fluorescent lights.

How The Heart Leaf Philodendron Makes You Happy:

  • This vigorous grower of an indoor plant can thrive in any light and as such adds instant greenery to almost any space.

  • The Heart Leaf Philodendron is a completely fuss free houseplant, and super easy to care for. This indoor plant will give you great plant parenting confidence and happiness with ease!

  • As it matures with the right care, it will delight you with tropically appealing long trailing stems of beautiful leaves that vine elegantly.

  • This indoor plant purifies the air and removes common toxins, creating a healthier and happier environment for you.

  • These make excellent office plants as they can survive in fluorescent lighting.

Where The Heart Leaf Philodendron is Happiest:

  • The Heart Leaf Philodendron is happiest in medium to bright indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight. Even though it can live in low light, but this could have an effect on the growth of new leaves, so keep an eye on it if it is on too low light.

  • In ideal conditions and with simple care, the Heart Leaf Philodendron grows new leaves rapidly and needs space to trail down and vine in its natural style.

  • It is stunning in a macrame or hanging basket - like the Mia Melange type that we sell in our boutique plant shop. It is also suitable for atop shelves, plant stands or high surfaces.

Watering The Heart leaf Philodendron:

  • Water well about once a week, pouring until the water drains right down into the pot, saturating all the soil and runs out of the drainage holes at the bottom.

  • Allow the soil to just dry out before watering again. Use a stick or moisture meter to help you to determine the moisture of the soil and to develop an effective watering routine.

Feeding The Heart Leaf Philodendron:

Care Tips:

  • The Heart Leaf Philodendron is easily propagated, simply take stem cuttings with nodes and root them in water or soil.

  • The Heart Leaf Philodendron can be repotted in the Spring season when it is completely root bound and the roots are growing out the holes at the bottom of its pot.

  • The Heart Leaf Philodendron is toxic to pets and children, so please keep out of reach.

Dress Up Your Heart Leaf Philodendron:

  • Add a Macrame or Terracotta Pot and Saucer to your vining Philodendron to help finish off the look of this extremely popular trailing indoor plant.

  • View our pots, baskets, macrames and other accessories in detail on our Plant Accessories category and simply select the accessory you love on the product page, to automatically include a gorgeous add on to your purchase! 

Giving this plant as a gift?

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  • If you have any further requests such as corporate gifting, tailored gift orders or special requests contact us directly at and we will be in touch to assist.
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South Africa South Africa

Happy gift

Customer experience was excellent thank you so much for the exceptional service!!

Nazley J.
South Africa South Africa


50/10 that's all I'll say. And for R119... Unbelievable. Best price and quality by far. Also I'm a first time buyer on the website so I didn't know what to expect but damn rip to my income as I'll be spending it all on plants


Happy Life Plants

Your reviews and feedback are marvelous and we are so happy to have you as a first time customer but a long time lover of plants!

Laetetia M.
South Africa South Africa

Heart leaf

Well done on customer service, from face to face interaction to electronic. Can’t wait for it to trail all over the place.

South Africa South Africa

I was very happy to receive my plant still in good condition. Delivery came sooner than expected which I cant complain about. I am very happy just looking forward to taking care of my baby plant. Thanks


Happy Life Plants

Thank you for your great review and feedback! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with your new plant baby

Gary B.
South Africa South Africa

Valentines gift

The service from Happy Life Plants is absolutely amazing and they really go out of their way to assist you and to ensure that your plant order is perfect. I ordered a Philodendron Heart Leaf as a valentines gift and I received an email asking if I would like to add a personal handwritten note with the delivery as they motives it was going to someone else. This kind of service is truly amazing that you would take the time out to check each order and then still email and offer to write out a note as you noticed it was a gift. The attention to detail is much appreciated. The receiver loved their plants and the care notes that came along with it.


Happy Life Plants

Thank you so much Gary for your great review and feedback! We know how happy we feel when we receive an order and we want each customer to have the same feeling :) Glad the gift was received happily