Chinese Money Plant

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The Chinese Money Plant


Pilea peperomioides

Adored for its adorable round foliage that makes babies, the Pilea peperomioides – the Chinese Money Plant – is available in a 12cm or 15cm nursery pot (terracotta pot not included) or 16cm hanging basket. 


The jungle vibe and adorable leaves of this tropical houseplant has made it so popular that it has numerous Instagram accounts dedicated solely to it. It is an easy to care for and highly sought after indoor plant and it will add a cute and exciting touch to your home or office...


How The Chinese Money Plant Makes You Happy:

  • The Chinese Money Plant grows new leaves rapidly and produces small babies regularly in ideal conditions, and will add an instant fun, jungle feel to your indoor space.


  • This plant is pet and child friendly so it can easily be added to a full home.


  • It purifies the air and removes common toxins, creating a healthier environment for you.


  • So trendy on social media and amongst plant parents, owning the Chinese Money Plant will make you instantly more on trend!


Where The Chinese Money Plant is Happiest:

  • The Chinese Money Plant can be grown in moderate to bright light, avoiding direct sunlight.


  • It will thrive best in bright light. The more natural light it is exposed to the more growth you will get and the more it will thrive!


  • In the ideal conditions, the Chinese Money Plant grows new leaves rapidly and needs space to grow wild in its natural jungle style.


  • Normal room humidity is sufficient to keep this houseplant happy.


Watering The Chinese Money Plant:

  • Water well about once a week, pouring until the water drains right down into the pot and out of the drainage holes at the bottom.


  • Allow the soil to just dry out before watering again.


Feeding The Chinese Money Plant:

  • Fertilise your Chinese Money Plant once every 2 weeks during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season). 


Care Tips:


  • The Chinese Money Plant has a natural wild tendency, and will need support (in the form of a moss pole or trellis or stake) and space as it grows.  


  • The Chinese Money Plant is excellent for propagation, as the little baby offshoots can be easily removed and planted to create new plants!


  • The Chinese Money Plant is pet friendly, so it will happily share a space with curious pets and children, and you don’t have to worry about any greenery nibbling.
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Scelo N.
South Africa

Chinese Money Plant.

The level of service was on another level because it didn't took long than I was expecting. The long stem perfectly compliments the circular leaves, anyone who would see this plant will instantly be impressed by how amazing it looks.

Esme R.
South Africa South Africa

Chinese Money Plant

Such a cool plant!

South Africa South Africa

A fine addition to my collection

This little guy was received in perfect health (as usual). I think he will be very happy with his other HLP brothers and sisters. :)

South Africa South Africa

Customer service

Beautiful plant with special care letter and appreciation- support this lovely plant lover company ❤️