Beetle Peperomia (Peperomia angulata)

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The Beetle Peperomia

Peperomia angulata

This trailing variety of Peperomia, the Peperomia angulata commonly reffered to as the Beetle Peperomia is available in a 12cm plastic nursery pot (terracotta pot not included). 

The thick (succulent like) oval shaped, bright green leaves, with distinct veins, cluster along long vining stems and showcase an almost striped texture. They trail elegantly and make wonderful hanging plants or even book ends and shelf decorations that cascade naturally and add greenery to any space with ease. Their easy care needs and beautiful growth habit make these houseplants perfect for any plant parent...

How The Beetle Peperomia Makes You Happy:

  • The Beetle Peperomia has a natural trailing growth habit and will delight you with elegant cascading stems of green leaves, decorating any space with greenery easily!
  • Peperomia's are pet friendly, so you can happily keep these beauties in homes with kids and pets.
  • The Peperomia family of plants are generally easy to care for, and as such are a great gift for new plant parents and excellent office plants as they can survive in fluorescent lighting.
  • The Beetle Peperomia can be propagated in water. Simply make a stem cutting and propagate in a jar of water or propagation vase.

Where The Beetle Peperomia is Happiest:

  • The Beetle Peperomia is happiest in¬†moderate to bright indirect light,¬†out of direct sunlight.
  • This indoor plant can tolerate fluorescent lights, making them wonderful additions to your office or a low light room. Make sure to adjust watering accordingly, when you do not expose this plant to a lot of natural light, it may need to be watered less.
  • Keep away from cold drafts.
  • The Beetle Peperomia enjoys a humid environment. You can place it in a warm humid space, like the bathroom or kitchen, or mist it regularly with a spray bottle or mister. But generally an excellent watering routine and lovely natural light will keep this indoor plant very happy.

Watering The Beetle Peperomia:

  • The Beetle Peperomia enjoys well draining soil and to almost dry out before you water it again.¬†
  • Water well,¬†pouring until the water saturates all the soil, drains right down into the pot and out of the drainage holes at the bottom, when all the soil has almost dried out.
  • Once a week consistently should be sufficient. But always test the moisture of the soil as a guide.
  • Test the soil moisture by sticking a moisture meter or stick, deep into the pot regularly to determine how quickly the soil dries out. And use this method to determine a good watering routine.
  • The Beetle Peperomia has succulent like leaves that hold water in them, which allows them to last quite some time without water if need be. Perfect for when you go on holiday!
  • Be sure not to over water (water too often) and avoid letting this plant sit in water.

Feeding The Beetle Peperomia:

  • Fertilise/ feed your Beetle Peperomia once every 2 weeks¬†during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season) with a¬†liquid plant food.¬†

Care Tips:

  • Peperomia's are pet friendly plants, so you can keep these in a full house. But we would always recommend to keep them out of reach and to work to encouraging your kids and pets to not eat your plants.
  • The Beetle Peperomia has a natural trailing growth habit and as such would enjoy a place where it has space to trail down or creep along naturally.
  • You can prune dead, browning or yellowing leaves at the base of the stem to encourage fresh new growth on your indoor plants.
  • Repot your Beetle Peperomia into a pot one size bigger, only when it is completely root bound and bulging out of its current pot. They enjoy to be slightly root bound most of the time.

Giving this plant as a gift?

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Tiffany B.
South Africa

I am Extremely happy with my purchase, Plants arrived healthy and happy :-) thank you so much for a speedy delivery and for the best healthiest plants. I am a very happy client

Anni K.
South Africa South Africa

happy peperomia!

my peperomia already came flowering, a big sign of a HAPPY plant! yay for me! cant wait to give it love and grow it even bigger!