Talborne Nourish Plant Food

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  • R 104.99

Talborne Organics Nourish Plant Food

From Plants For Plants

Talborne Organics Nourish Plant Food is 100% plant based and organic.

Available in 3 Types:

  • Leafy Greens
  • Multi-Plant
  • Buds Flower & Fruit

How to use Nourish Plant Food:

  • Water your plant normally before feeding - watering beforehand ensures that the food is retained in the soil and will not be flushed right out of the pot through the drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Mix 10ml of liquid food into one litre of water.
  • Water the food and water mixture directly into the already wet soil of your plant.
  • Feed again as per your specific plants needs. Most often this is every 2 weeks.

Why is Plant Food Important?

  • Simply watering your plants, doesn't give them the nutrients that they need to thrive. Just like humans, plants need to be fed as well as watered on a regular basis. 
  • Plant food/fertiliser feeds your plants the nutrients that it needs to grow and flourish.
  • When we water our plants well, the nutrients can be flushed out of the soil, and so we need to replace these nutrients by feeding with a plant food/fertiliser full of the correct elements on a regular basis, in order to keep our plants healthy.

Talborne Organics Nourish Plant Food comes to you in a 500ml bottle.