Variegated Hen-and-Chickens/ Spider plant

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Variegated Hen-and-Chickens/ Spider Plant 

Chlorophytum Comosum 'Variegatum'

Probably the most popular house plant in the world with its softly curving rosettes of variegated leaves and little ‘pups’ or plantlets drooping down or spreading from the mother plant. It can be grown indoors in bright light, or on patios and balconies, where it can cascade from pots or hanging baskets.  It is equally suited to grow outside as groundcover under trees or on embankments where its variegated foliage will add colour and interest.

☀️ Indoors in bright light / Outdoors in semi-shade

💧 Medium watering

🇿🇦 Indigenous to South Africa

📢 Used by the Nguni both medicinally and as a charm to protect pregnant mothers and babies