String of Hearts

  • R 169.99

String Of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii

This trailing String of Hearts is part of the genus Ceropegia family and are usually grown as ornamental houseplants. 

It is available as a hanging basket or in a 12cm plastic nursery pot. (can come with a metal stand shaped in a heart, for stability of the vines)

This String of Hearts is a natural air purifier with trailing pink heart vines. It requires plenty of bright indirect light, but once in a while some direct light will not harm it, while avoiding any low light areas. This plant should be watered sparingly as it is more tolerant of dry soil than wet soil and is prone to rotting in wet soil. At up to 2m long, this semi-succulent plant can improve air quality while adding a beautiful and unique touch to any home or office.


How The String Of Hearts Makes You Happy:

  • The String Of Hearts has a natural trailing growth habit and will delight you with elegant cascading stems of grey and pink, decorating any space with greenery easily! (the more bright light the better the pink hue 🌞)
  • String of Hearts are pet friendly, so you can happily keep these beauties in homes with kids and pets.
  • The  Ceropegia family of plants are generally easy to care for, and as such are a great gift for new plant parents and excellent office plants as they can survive in fluorescent lighting.
  • The String Of Hearts can be propagated in water. Simply make a stem cutting and propagate in a jar of water or propagation vase.