Pokon Potting Soil

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Pokon Potting Soil

Potting Soil / Potting Mix For Planting Plants

Pokon Potting Soil is a good growing substrate - growing medium - for your plants. This product contains a mixture of excellent raw materials that stimulate healthy plant development.

It is perfect for potting your plants into new/decorative pots (always with drainage holes at the bottom), for re-potting your plants into bigger pots when they become root bound (outgrow it’s current pot) and for refreshing the potting soil in your current plant pot. 

It also contains enough food for about 60 days. And is suitable for all types of plants.

Only top quality raw materials, such as peat litter, garden peat, lime and wood fibre have been used to make this potting soil. All of these materials have excellent water retention properties and enable your plants to extract nutrients from it more easily.

How to use Pokon Potting Soil:

  • Put a layer of drainage medium (pebbles or small stones) into the bottom of your pot
  • Fill the pot about half way with potting soil pressing it up the edges and making a hole for your plant
  • Soak your plant in water first and then plant it into the hole in the potting soil
  • Fill the rest of the pot and spaces around the plant with potting soil, to just below the lip of the pot
  • Press the soil down gently
  • Water your plant well

Pokon Potting Soil comes to you as a 5L bag.

Read our step by step guide to potting and repotting your indoor plants on our blog.

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South Africa South Africa

Potting soil

This is an amazing compost. So beautifully clean


Happy Life Plants

We agree! Thank you so much for your fabulous review and feedback :)

South Africa South Africa

Plant Happiness

I am very happy with the quality of this soil! and the fact that Happy Life Plants was able to provide me with Orchid Mix for my Blue Star Fern when I asked for it! The service is fantastic!


Happy Life Plants

Thank you Miri! We are thrilled you have enjoyed your shopping experience with us :)