Delphi Pots 17cm

  • R 149.99
  • R 149.99

Pot Cover - Delphi

Pot Delphi has an upward lined design to bring out the shape of how round the pot cover is with a smaller base at the bottom and slight lip at the top.

It is wonderful for all types of indoor plants, and should fit a 15cm plant well.

These ceramic pot covers are wonderful for indoor plants! They do not have a hole at the bottom, so should preferably be used as a decorative pot cover and not to plant your plants directly into.

Always remember to add a saucer / drip tray if you will be pairing one of these gorgeous ceramic pots with a plant!

Pot Delphi comes in 4 colours; White, Grey, Teal and Mustard.

It comes in 4 stylish colours, so you can mix and match to your decor. Each pot is perfect for decorating your home or office and adds a touch of character to any area.