Floralife Leafshine (Silicone Free) 750ml

  • R 299.99

FloraLife Leaf Shine

For naturally glossy leaves and ornamental foliage

Leafshine helps the leaves on your indoor plants shine. This spray gives a natural shine to foliage, removes water and calcium deposits and helps to prevent the leaves from looking dusty.

This Leafshine adds an appealing shine to all hard leaf foliage plants and fresh cut foliage. This easy and ready-to-use product provides a natural and healthy look to your leaves. Spray foliage to clean and enhance for best appearance and experience. All oils contained in this new product are silicone free and made from natural sources.

Leafshine can be used once a month or less often. This product is suitable for all houseplants, indoor plants and foliage plants with the exception of those that have softy downy (covered with fine, soft hair or feathers) leaves or the flowering parts of plants.

It is wonderful for large foliage plants, like the Delicious Monster, Philodendrons, Rubber Plants and the Elephant Ear. Do not use on Calatheas with velvety leaves or ferns.

How to use Leafshine:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Simply spray the tops of the leaves with a circular motion from a distance of about 35cm.
  • Do not use more than once a month.

Available in a 750ml spray can.