Zebra Calathea

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The Zebra Calathea

Calathea Zebrina

Adored for its patterned foliage, the Calathea Zebrina ‚Äď Zebra Calathea ‚Äď comes to you in a 15cm or 20cm plastic nursery pot (terracotta pot not included).¬†

The striking foliage and tropical feel of the soft velvety leaves, makes this stunning indoor plant a must have for plant collectors and unique addition to any indoor space...

How The Zebra Calathea Makes You Happy:

  • The Zebra Calathea filters the air.
  • As a Calathea - of the prayer plant family - it's leaves dance to the light. Curling up at night and¬†unfurling in the morning to catch the most sun rays.
  • It is a¬†shower companion! Because a very happy place for your Zebra Calathea is in the shower with you every few weeks for a humidity boost.
  • The ultimate collectors plant and very happy plant baby!

Where The Zebra Calathea is Happiest:

  • Originating from tropical rainforests, the¬†Zebra Calathea¬†enjoys warm, humid environments.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight, in a brightly lit space.
  • Mist regularly¬†(with a spray bottle or mister) to enhance the moisture in the air around your Zebra Calathea.
  • If you¬†would like to¬†increase¬†the humidity around your Zebra Calathea, you can also choose to place it on a¬†pebble filled tray of water¬†to ensure the humid environment that this indoor plant needs to thrive.
  • The bathroom and kitchen or a room with a humidifier make for a good space for any plants in the Calathea family.

Watering The Zebra Calathea:

  • Keep the soil of your Zebra Calathea moist at all times.
  • However, you must avoid the plant sitting in water constantly.¬†
  • Water well, pouring all over the soil and allowing the water to run out the holes at the bottom of the pot.

Feeding The Zebra Calathea:

  • Fertilise your¬†Zebra Calathea once every 2 weeks¬†during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season).

Care Tip:

  • These plants are sensitive to the chemicals found in tap water. Prioritise watering your Zebra Calathea with rainwater, filtered water or distilled water. If you do not have access to this, fill your watering can with tap water and leave to sit over night before watering, so as to allow the chemicals to evaporate.

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