Zandeschia Hybrids

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Zandeschia Hybrid

You can grow your Zantedeschia indoors, in pots, but again you must respect a period of dormancy of at least 2 months within the year without watering a single drop.

  • After the blooming, reduce the watering until the leaves turn yellow.
  • When the leaves have withered, stop watering altogether.
  • Slowly start watering again at least 2 months later.

How The Zandeschia Makes You Happy 

Zantedeschia is quite hardy even in cool winters.

In areas that are prone to cold winters, protect the rhizomes with a thick layer of mulch.
The mulch can either be a bed of dried leaves, hemp or flax straw, or ferns.

Watering A Zandeschia Hybrid

When they are actively growing you should keep them well watered and feed with a liquid formulation once a fortnight. However do not feed while in flower.

Giving This Plant As A Gift

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