Moss Trellis

  • R 149.99

Moss Trellis

Our Moss Trellis is made from metal and dried moss and has the functionality to hold up your trailing or wild indoor plant as it grows.


  • The size/height including the metal spikes at the bttom to the top of the trellis is 47cm.
  • The size/height of the moss part of the trellis only is 40cm.
  • The width at the top is 18cm.
  • The width at the bottom is 12cm.

How to Use Your Moss Trellis:

Plant the moss trellis, with the metal spikes down, directly into the soil with your plant.

Simply use a twist tie, clip or garden twine to attach the stem of your plant to your moss trellis to hold it up and to train it's growth habit and shape.