Ivory Planter Basket

  • R 294.99

Ivory Planter Basket

The Ivory Planter Basket boasts the signature natural ivory colour of Mia Mélange. Chic, simple and timeless, these baskets suit any space and any style!

These locally made planter baskets can be placed on a windowsill, countertop, shelf, or even hang against the wall. They dress up houseplants beautifully, house them in style and allow you to add a decorative cover that matches your decor. The planter baskets can also be used as storage baskets in the kitchen to hold utensils, or in the bathroom to hold toilet paper or face cloths, or even to store your odds and ends and keep your home neat and tidy! Not to mention the stylish kids toy holders or home decoration pieces that these baskets make...

The hanging planter basket range comes with two long looped ropes to help you elevate these stunning baskets stylishly in any type of space! To adjust the heights, just tie as many knots as is needed.

Approximate Sizes of Planter Baskets:

  • Small: 16cm diameter x 13cm height - this will generally fit a 12cm plant.
  • Medium: 18cm diameter x 15cm height - this will generally fit a 15cm plant.
  • Large: 23cm diameter x 20cm height - this will generally fit a 20cm plant.

*plants not included

Always remember to add a saucer / drip tray if you will be pairing one of these magnificent baskets with a plant! And please note that all Mia Mélange products are handmade, no two products will be exactly the same and some variances may occur.

About Mia Mélange

Mia Mélange is a proudly South African brand that handcrafts interior decor and lifestyle products using locally sourced 100% cotton rope. Each product is carefully designed and produced with great care and attention to detail. The designs used are inspired by a love for nature, texture, natural materials and ancient crafting techniques.

All of their products are made in their studio in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, where they create job opportunities for people from their community. Each and every one of the Mia Mélange products is an original, high quality product that is made to last a life time. They can be easily washed, which makes them perfectly suitable to dressing up your houseplants and to use for storage and decoration in your home or office space!

We love to support local brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. And even more so we love to bring amazing local products to you to enjoy. This range is also available in our Joburg boutique retail plant shop for you to feel, touch, shop and enjoy in person.