Imperial Green

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The Imperial Green

Philodendron Imperial Green

With¬†lush, evergreen, empowering long heart shaped leaves; the¬†Philodendron Imperial Green ‚ÄstImperial Green¬†‚Äď is available in a 15cm or 20cm nursery pot (terracotta pot not included).¬†

Each glossy bright long leaf extends out from a cluster of bold green leaves with light red young stems. This compact yet dramatic plant is a must for plant collectors and a remarkable addition to any indoor space...

How The Imperial Green makes you Happy:

  • The Imperial Green is low maintenance and very lush. Great for beginner plant parents, this indoor plant will bring happiness into your home easily.
  • It¬†filters toxins from the air.
  • It has been proven that including green plants in our living and working spaces makes us very happy! So putting an Imperial Green in your home or office will¬†boost your mood, enhance your creativity¬†and¬†help you to feel good.

Where The Imperial Green is Happiest:

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight, in a¬†moderate to¬†brightly lit space.
  • It can tolerate low light but then you must adjust your watering down.
  • Keep away from cold drafts.
  • Your Imperial Green will be very happy with¬†a good misting¬†(with a spray bottle or plant mister) every few days.

Watering The Imperial Green:

  • Keep the soil of your Imperial Green¬†moist at all times.
  • Avoid this indoor plant sitting in water constantly or having wet or soggy soil.¬†
  • Water well when the top of the soil has dried out, allowing the water to run out the holes at the bottom of the pot when watering.

Feeding The Imperial Green:

  • Fertilise your¬†Imperial Green¬†once every 2 weeks¬†during Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Care Tip:

  • To assist with efficient photosynthesis,¬†wipe the leaves¬†of your Imperial Green with a damp cloth regularly to remove accumulated dust and keep the lush leaves shiny.

Giving this plant as a gift?

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Mulalo R.
South Africa South Africa
A stunning plant

Excellent service and beautiful plants; we will always purchase our plants from Happy Plants.

Happy Life Plants

Thank you so much Mulalo! We are so happy to hear this :)