Heart Leaf Fern

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The Heart Leaf Fern

Hemionitis arifolia

The most unusual¬†of indoor ferns, Hemionitis arifolia¬†‚Äď the Heart Leaf¬†Fern ‚Äď boasts leathery, thick, dark green heart shaped leaves and¬†comes to you in a¬†15cm plastic nursery pot¬†(terracotta pot not included).

This unusual fern will certainly spark conversation and it will make for an excellent addition to your office desk and the perfect choice for plant lovers looking for a unique challenge...

How The Heart Leaf Fern Makes You Happy:

  • A collectors item. Getting yourself one of these quirky indoor ferns will elevate your plant parent status instantly.
  • It is a¬†shower companion! Because a very happy place for your Heart Leaf Fern is in the shower with you every few weeks for a humidity boost.
  • It purifies and restores moisture to the air. Increasing humidity and ultimately providing a healthier and more enjoyable environment for you!
  • The¬†Heart Leaf Fern remains quite small, so it's a perfect choice for a small space or a beloved pot that you don't want it to outgrow.

Where The Heart Leaf Fern is Happiest:

  • Happiest in tropical type environments, the Heart Leaf Fern¬†thrives in¬†moderate to bright light, warm spaces and high humidity.
  • The Heart Leaf Fern can tolerate low light spaces too. Just keep an eye on the leaf condition if in very low natural light.
  • It is perfect for terrariums and atriums.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Mist the leaves regularly¬†(with a spray bottle or mister) to enhance the humidity in the air around your Heart Leaf Fern.

Watering The Heart Leaf Fern:

  • Keep the soil of your Heart Leaf¬†Fern moist at all times.
  • Make sure to never allow your Heart Leaf Fern to dry out completely, watering often. But also ensuring that it does not sit in water and get too soggy as it is prone to root rot.
  • If possible; you should preferably use filtered, distilled or rain water to water your Heart Leaf Fern. Brown leaf tips can develop as a result of its intolerance to the chemicals found in tap water. If you don't have access to this, fill your watering can with tap water and allow to sit over night, in order for the chemicals to evaporate, before watering your Heart Leaf Fern.

Feeding The Heart Leaf Fern:

  • Ferns do not need a lot of fertilising. You can feed your Heart Leaf Fern once a month in Spring and Summer with a liquid plant food.

Did you know?

  • The Heart leaf Fern is an epiphyte.¬†Which means that it can grow on top of other plants and absorbs nutrients from the air and falling water around it.

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    South Africa South Africa

    My overall customer experience was very pleasant incl. speedy delivery. I had received the most beautiful plant and it has adapted very well to its new environment.

    Happy Life Plants

    We are thrilled to hear! Thank you for the feedback and lovely review :)

    Tina P.
    South Africa South Africa
    Love it!

    Thank you! I absolutely love my plants. Was nicely packed and received in good order. I will be ordering again real soon

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you so much for the feedback and lovely review Tina! We hope your new plant is bringing you loads of happiness :)

    South Africa South Africa
    Amazing service and beautiful plants

    The services was amazing and the plants received were so beautiful and healthy. I would definitely recommend. Keep it up guys.

    Happy Life Plants

    Thank you very much for the wonderful review! So glad your plants arrived beautiful and healthy :)