Alocasia Polly Bambino

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The Alocasia Polly Bambino

Alocasia x amazonica ‘Polly’

The striking wavy edge, dark leafed Alocasia x amazonica ‘Polly’ is known as the Alocasia Polly – and sometimes even referred to as the Polly African Mask, with a very similar leaf and look as our African Mask Plant. This charming bambino version of the tropical plant comes to you in a 15cm nursery pot (terracotta pot not included). 

The unique Alocasia Polly boasts an appealing tropical style and is a fairly easy to care for Alocasia. The narrow dark green wavy edged leaves with eye catching thick white veins deserve a prominent space in your home or office…

How The Alocasia Polly Bambino Makes You Happy:

  • As a highly sought after Alocasia, that is not easy to find in South Africa, this indoor plant will bring you loads of boasting rights and of course opportunities for Insta fame.
  • It is an air purifier, helping to create a healthier environment for you.
  • As a fast grower, the Alocasia Polly will treat you with young, new leaves on a regular basis - with the correct care routine and when placed in the best environment.
  • The striking leaves of your Alocasia Polly Bambino will treat you and your guests to genuine jungle attractiveness indoors.

Where The Alocasia Polly Bambino is Happiest:

  • Hailing from a tropical environment, the Alocasia Polly Bambino is happiest in warm, humid environments with medium to bright light. Keep away from direct sunlight as harsh South African rays can burn its leaves.
  • Keep the air around it moist or place it in an already humid environment.
  • Mist daily (with a spray bottle or mister) to ensure a humid environment, and to keep the leaves clean and damp.

Watering The Alocasia Polly Bambino:

  • Keep the soil of your Alocasia Polly Bambino consistently moist at all times.
  • Avoid wet soil and the plant sitting in water constantly.
  • We recommend watering when the top 2cm of the soil in the pot has dried out and allow the water to run out the holes at the bottom of the pot when watering.
  • Brown leaf tips/edges can occur as a result of under watering. Yellowing of the leaves can occur from over watering. Read our guide on solving common indoor plant problems HERE.

Feeding The Alocasia Polly Bambino:

  • Fertilise your Alocasia Polly Bambino once a month during Spring, Summer and Autumn (the growing season) with a liquid plant food.
  • You can stop fertilising during Winter.

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